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Premium Security – Eset


We have mentioned on our Free Software pages that we recommend AVG free for basic use. However,for those do more with their computers such as Online Shopping, Banking and anything of a personal matter. We strongly advise you do away with the basic AVG and move up to a more secure software package. This is where we recommend ESET.

We take security very seriously at Central Computers, our Technicians have studied digital security in great detail at universities and during our free time.

This is why we wont compromise when it comes to what products we use.
This is why we partnered with them.
This is why we ESET is on our own devices. Our Phones, Laptops, Computers, Servers.

Just some reasons for you to choose ESET


No need to input any credit card details online when you renew through us at the store. We don't even need you to bring the machine. Just you, and your name.


Unlike some of the other big brands such as Norton and Mcafee, ESET is not only affordable but renewals are cheaper than buying a new product. Loyalty is rewarded.



ESET has received awards and recomendations from CNET, Which best buy, AVTest, Numerous IT and tech magazines globally and hundreds of others.