18 Market Place, Driffield

01377 255774

Central Computers


We aim to get all device repairs and servicing back in your hands within two working days*.


When we have your tech, your data is safe from prying eyes as we do not go 'snooping'.

Only Human

Not everyone knows what a flux capacitor is, so we'll speak to you like a person and not a robot.

Based in Driffield, computer servicing, repairs, upgrades and gadgets, serving East Yorkshire

All repairs that come through our doors are done on site with our highly trained and motivated technicians.

Each repair is different and instead of charging a costly 'hourly' rate like other stores,  our charges are based on what needs doing only. We will always give your a fair price before doing any repairs on your device.

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Build your own Computer with our instore PC Builder

The In-Store PC Builder is the world's first PC configurator that allows you to design to any specification, giving you a PC range the highstreet chains can't even come close to.

Why use the In-Store PC Builder:

  • All components are checked for compatibility at every stage of the build design - order with confidence 
  • Any PC you want - over 700 trillion unique configurations available
  • Need help? - we can design the PCs with you and provide a bespoke service
  • Simple to use & interactive - anyone can use, you can be safe in the knowledge you're not going to make a mistake

*Business days only. Does not apply if parts are not instock.