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Compatible Inks

Are compatible ink cartridges any good? Manufacturers certainly have a lot to gain from selling us their own genuine ink.

They keep the price of printers artificially low (a loss leader) simply to get their branded printer in our homes – it’s their ink cartridges where they make most of the profit.

Prices of branded ink have increased even further in recent years so we examine the benefits of genuine vs compatible ink cartridges to see which is best for you.

Why Do they want us to use Genuine Ink Cartridges?

Manufacturers give three main reasons for using their ink – the following points are taken from Epson and Brother:

  • Specially formulated to consistently produce photo quality prints. [Note the emphasis on photo quality – the quality of standard text and graphics is likely to be too similar to notice any difference]

Independent tests usually find that genuine inks may produce better quality photos (on photo paper) although it can be hard for the average user to notice. It also depends which compatibles are tested – some are very good and some are quite poor.

  • Guarantee the reliability of your printer and prolong its life. Poor quality compatible ink may clog print heads, leak or cause other damage to the print mechanism.

In our experience this is more likely with cartridges that are refilled (rather than replaced) and with the cheapest compatibles e.g. Fleabay specials that are priced too good to be true and have no user reviews.

  • Finally, the scare tactic – if damage is caused to the print head or other parts of the machine as a result of using other brands of ink, then any repairs required may not be covered under warranty.

Inkjet warranties are typically for 12 months so this threat is only really relevant in the first year – outside the warranty period, any repairs by the manufacturer will almost certainly cost more than buying a new printer anyway. Cheap inkjet printers can be considered as disposable products if they break.

Article credit: https://techlogon.com/should-you-use-genuine-or-compatible-ink-cartridges/

Here at Central Computers we do not use subpar inks that are flooding the online market. Our inks come from UK trusted distributors that have been trading since 1999 and still going strong.

We do offer postage options if you are out of town, just get in touch with us on our contact page.

Our aftermarket inks starting from:

Epson: From £1.00 Each
HP: From £1.60 Each
Kodak: From £4.00 Each
Canon: From £1.20 Each
Brother: From 50p Each

*Prices vary depending on model of printer*

If you want to place an order for some inks, Get in touch via our contact form here