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Upgrades - Cleaning - Repairs - Replacements


Upgrades - Cleaning - Repairs - Replacements


Cleaning - Repairs - Replacements

Mobile Phones

Cleaning - Repairs - Replacements

Mobile Phone Repairs

If your screen is broken, don't delay, as it will only get worse.

Please check our guide on the difference between, Genuine, OEM, and Aftermarket down below.

We don't believe that you should have a rough guide on price. We believe you should have the exact price. So we've been doing some work on our own price check tool for your smart phone and tablet repairs.

Price Check

Please note, not all parts are listed and prices are subject to change as the market changes. If you require a price that is not on this list please contact us or pop into the store to get a quote. We will be adding and editing as we become aware of new availabilities and prices.

**There is also discounts available if you are getting more than one repair on the same device.**

Computer Servicing

Computers can get clogged up not just with dust but from Adverts, Viruses, Malware and much more. We offer two servicing packages.

Software Service: This is our most popular service, with it you get a full security scan and clean, Temporary files removal, registry clean, bloatware removal, Temperature checks, Hardware benchmark, common program updates, driver check, and our seal of approval for the cost of £35

Hardware Service: Computers have fans inside of them to keep them cool and running smoothly, this unfortunately can attract dust and animal hairs. With our Hardware Service we strip the entire computer or laptop down and clean all the parts inside, getting rid of that hairy dust that lies within. £35

Book your computer in today for both Hardware and Software service together, for a bundle deal of £50, That's a saving of £20

We recommend getting your computer/laptop serviced at least once a year, that way you prolong the life of and keep it running smoothly.

Jargon Buster for this page


Software: is the instructions or data that is stored on a computer, anything you can physcally touch is hardware, stuff you can't is software.

Virus: A piece of software that is designed to infect computers and spread to more computers.

Malware: Malware is short for malicious software that can damage your computer or track you and how you use the internet. A virus is a type is Malware.

Registry: Your computer has alot of stuff to store and do. The registry is a big database of settings and information the computer needs.

Bloatware: When you buy a brand new device, Bloatware is software that is bundled with it.

Driver: The software needs to talk to the hardware somehow, A driver is a bridge between them. Just like a car cannot drive itself, it needs a driver (Untill recently, Thanks Elon).

Genuine, OEM, Aftermarket?

What does this mean to me?

When it comes to replacing parts on your device, in the UK we have a few options available to us.

Genuine Parts are made by the same people who made your device, so you if want a Samsung made screen on your Samsung phone, ask for genuine.

OEM Parts, OEM, stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer, this means it is the exact same quality as the one found inside your phone already. These are typically made within the same factory as the manufacturer, or a licenced vender of the manufacturer.

Aftermarket Parts: Aftermarket Parts are not made by the manufacturer but are the same specifications or higher than Genuine and OEM by reputable companies such as replacing your HP laptop battery with a Duracell battery. Both HP and Duracell are big reputable companies.

Compatible Parts: from us these are the same as Aftermarket Parts. Other companies will have their own definition of Compatible Parts

eBay Compatible Parts: These vary from company to company. This depends on where you purchase it from and if they have branded it. Most compatible parts on eBay are cheap quality, whilst most would do the job, they are not built to last. we do not sell or use these parts.

Fake/Counterfeit Parts We DO NOT sell, use, or even touch fake/counterfeit parts AT ALL. PERIOD. These are almost always, very cheap components, with a high qualty finish that has the genuine logos stamped on the frame. These WILL break, and could cause lawsuits.

We at Central Computers Driffield will only work with parts from our trusted suppliers within the UK dealing with, Genuine where possible, OEM, or Aftermarket only.